About Us

ReCom Trading is a leading supplier of various recyclable materials. We deal with a wide variety of grades and types of recyclable materials, specialising in ferrous, non-ferrous, plastics, cardboard and paper.

We’re committed to providing high quality materials, at a competitive price, allowing us to grow rapidly into new market places.

ReCom is connected with the best logistics and shipping providers, who we can offer the most cost-effective routes from pick-up to delivery, ensuring smooth product movement.

At ReCom we value the strong relationships we develop with our customers and are committed to providing fast efficient customer service while performing environmentally sound recycling.

Customer Satisfaction

ReCom’s superior customer service and hands-on personal interaction sets us apart from the competition. It is our goal to assist our customers with any requests they may have while always striving to find the most value we can deliver for them. Our expertise and strong belief in a customer-focused business model has helped us develop lasting relationships in a constantly changing economy.